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New Orleans Skyline

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Though Hurricane Katrina virtually wiped out much of the city of New Orleans as we knew it,the fantastic city and people of New Orleans don’t take that sort of thing lying down and have dug deep to rebuild New Orleans which is now once again successfully attracting visitors offering an abundance of fantastic things to see and do. 

There’s plenty for everyone in New Orleans, the home of the world famous Mardi Gras, described as the greatest free show on earth. You’ll be spoiled for choice on what to see and do next on your trip to New Orleans.

New Orleans Tours – it’s always a great idea to take a tour of a new place when you first visit, just to help you get your bearings and learn about what parts of the city you’d like to visit for a little while longer. New Orleans tours, however, can do much more than that. There are loads of different tours available;

    • Plantation tours can give you a peak into bygone times in New Orleans
    • French quarter tours are another fantastic way to peak into New Orleans past and learn a little about the history of this fascinating city
    • Riverboat tours along the mighty Mississippi, the “front door” of New Orleans
    • Paranormal tours are great fun, if you dare attend a Voodoo ritual and a haunted house or two
    • Swamp tours are a great way to spot exotic birds, alligators and an abundance of colorful flowers in New Orleans
    • Horse and carriage tours of the city are very popular and it’s always great to have an entertaining tour guide at your disposal to fill you in on even the minor details. Alternatively there are walking tours and bus tours around New Orleans.

Okay, maybe that’s not everybody’s idea of spending a relaxing couple of hours on their vacation, but I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty fascinating . . . in a morbid kind of way.

Mardi Gras New Orleans – probably the most well known festival in the world, New Orleans at Mardi Gras time is like no other place on earth. If you can’t manage for your trip to coincide with Mardi Day then don’t worry too much, you’ll still be able to learn all about the history of the Mardi Gras parades and the traditions which have grown up around them. Mardi Gras (or “Fat Tuesday”) is a delightful combination of everything “New Orleans” – the music, the food, the culture, the people, the art, the need to party.

New Orleans Music – is ringing out loud and clear for 365 days per year (or occasionally 366). Whether you have a thing for Jazz, Blues, Funk, Zydeco, Cajun . . . New Orleans is the place to hear it LIVE.

I bet your feet are tappin’ ain’t they? Yep, thought so . . .

New Orleans Cultural Arts – arts and culture is very much alive and kicking in New Orleans, with some truly fantastic theaters and museums available for you to see and do. Whether you’re a bit of an opera buff, prefer the ballet, classical music, Broadway shows or like wandering around museums, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in New Orleans. There are more than 45 museums in New Orleans which really do cover just about everything you could wish for;

  • History museums
  • Family Museums with plenty of hands-on fun for the children
  • Historic homes open their doors to show a glimpse of New Orleans past
  • Multicultural Museums are a great place to trace your heritage and go “back to your roots”
  • Nature Museums allow you to see many animals in their natural habitat, gaze upon priceless sculptures and wander around exquisite gardens

New Orleans Shopping – is another experience not to be missed. This vibrant city is packed with unique and interesting places to buy antiques, jewelry like no other, vintage clothes . . . as well as your everyday type stores.

New Orleans Food – dining out in New Orleans is an experience too, a city which has grown from such a diverse range of cultures and nationalities has, unsurprisingly, got a mouthwatering selection of traditional recipes and foods. Do you know how to make Jambalaya, Gumbo or Crawfish Etoufee . . . well, on your trip to New Orleans you can not only taste this delicious food, but also learn about the history of the recipes and even how to make them yourself when you get home. Take a little bit of New Orleans back to your own kitchen . . . New Orleans really is food heaven.

New Orleans . . . Fun For All The Family – some cities are more suitable for couples and romantic getaways, but in New Orleans you’ll definitely find plenty of stuff for the whole family to enjoy. The zoo, the parks, the hands-on museums, the Aquarium, the French Quarter is packed with things to do for the whole family, not just the grown-ups! A relaxing stroll along the Mississippi River is a fantastic way to end a fun packed day with the kids, only in New Orleans.

New Orleans French Quarter – the French Quarter in New Orleans is like no other place on earth, you’ll marvel at the weird but always wonderful street entertainers, the French market, walking or carriage tours giving you a little insight into the New Orleans of days gone by, the costumes, the masks, Mardi Gras exhibits. Don’t forget to visit the French Quarter on your trip to New Orleans.

Fan – tast – tic!


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